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frequently asked questions about installing light weight horse stall mats
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Frequently Asked Questions About Frelonic Horse Stable Stall Mats

Individual horse stall mats = $74.35
10 x 12 sets = $371.75
12 x 12 sets = $446.10

1.How many pieces are there in each Frelonic Horse Stall Mat set?
There are 6 pieces for a 12’ x 12’ stall and 5 pieces for a 10’ x 12' stall.

2.What is the weight difference between a Frelonic set and the typical rubber set
(” thick-12 ft x 12 ft)?
The weight of rubber set is 600 lbs. The weight for Frelonic Set is 180 pounds. Each Frelonic 12’ x 12’ set weighs 420 lbs. less than rubber.

3. Why do the Frelonic horse stall mat sets measure less than 12 ft x 12 ft ?
The mats need to expand in the summer and contract in the winter months. We refer to this as breathing. Placing the mats against a wall would cause buckling in hot humid days. Keep ” from edges of all walls. The same holds true for 10’ x 12’ ft. set.

4. What kind of sub-floor is needed to install these equestrian mats?
The sub-floor is extremely important. It requires a firm and flat base made up of cement, asphalt, or stone base. Most important the sub-floor must be flat, firm, and a well draining surface which does not allow any type of liquid to remain beneath the mats.

5. What are the advantages to a light horse stall mat?
Light weight mats are softer than the typical hard rubber mat. Frelonic is creating a comfortable bed for your horse and at the same time allowing the ranch hands easier maneuverability.

6. What is the weight difference between rubber mats and Frelonic stable mats?
The Frelonic mat weighs 30 lbs. while rubber mats weigh 100 lbs. This relates to Frelonic Mats weighing 67% lighter than rubber ones.

7. How are the Frelonic sets shipped?
All mats are shipped on skids by common carrier. These skids allow shipments to remain flat and protected.

8. What is the difference between commercial and residential freight?
Commercial freight is shipments from Frelonic to a commercial facility. These facilities must have loading docks to offload the entire shipment. Residential shipments are for customers who do not have offloading facilities. Usually skids are broken and mats will be off loaded at a convenient point at the final destination.

9. What products make-up the Frelonic Horse Stall Mats?
Mats are made from a blend of rubber and EVA. EVA has a strong capacity to withstand abrasion. For many decades EVA has replaced rubber products in many industries due to its lightness.

10. What color are your stable mats?
Frelonic mats are dark green in color.

11. Do Frelonic Horse Stall Mats have a smooth or textured finish?
A slight pebble texture on both sides of mat, as well as the Frelonic logo.

12. Do you ship all over the country?
Yes. We ship throughout  the Continental United States.

13. How long have you been in business?
Over 85 years.

14. How long has the EVA Light Weight Horse Stall Sets been sold?
It has been sold in Europe since 1995 and was developed by Frelonic for the United States in 2004.

15. What is your limited warranty?
Our product is guaranteed for ten (10) years. ( see page regarding warranty)

16. How long from placing order do you ship?
Normally we ship within 2 days of receiving an order.

17. Does mucking with your mats create problems?
No. As a matter of fact we require less bedding than normal due to the softness of material.

18. Can I order just one horse mat?
Yes. These mats have interlocks all around its perimeter. Mats are referred to as “D” mats. Generally, the cost to ship one mat (rolled to ship) is about the cost of the mat.

19. Do your sets have smooth edges along its entire perimeter?
Yes. All sets are interlocked and have smooth edges along its entire perimeter.

20. What is the largest set you can provide?
12 ft' x 16 ft' set. Any larger size set will not be under warranty.

21. How would I trim your horse stall mats to fit my stall?
Any sharp utility knife or electric saw. Frelonic mats will not smoke or gum blades like rubber.

22. Are the Frelonic horse stall mats used outside?
The use of Frelonic Interlocking Mats creates a comfortable stall for you horse while in the confines of an indoor stable. We do not recommend nor warranty our mats for outdoor use.

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